1. Load Up

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2. Mount Up

Mount Blow Up Traffic™ to your windshield. Need a mount?

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3. Blow Up

Yell "Fire" or "F#@!" to unleash a satisfying fiery inferno!

Drive Somewhere

Voice Activated Profanity Preferred

Next-generation RAGE (Responsive Asshole Gesture Engine) algorithms detect when the sound pressure level inside the cabin of your vehicle peaks and responds immediately with one of three Augmented Reality road-clearing weapons. No need to touch the app and crash your car, simply blow your cool to Blow Up Traffic!

Real Explosions They'll blow your mind

These explosions were filmed in my garage and they took a lot of cans of hair spray which was extremely dangerous. They are so realistic that three and a half phones melted during testing. These explosions are really loud too! BOOOOOOM!!!

Because Traffic Blows

Built with Love The Love to Hate Traffic

Hi, I'm Matt Reed and traffic is always ruining a perfectly good day. Since obviously nothing is being done about traffic I decided to do something about it myself. I've always thought blowing up all the cars in front of me would be a great way to make me feel better, so I did that. I invented an app that blows up traffic and now I feel better.

Well, the reality is you can't blow up cars but in the land of non-reality, aka your phone, you can blow everything up without any negative consequences. What better way to cure road rage than to let people blow up traffic? That's why I made the app because I knew everyone would want to do it. And they do.

Now go out there and play in traffic!

-Matt Reed
President of Blow Up Traffic™ Worldwide

Unpaid Endorsements from Real Users

"This app will probably change driving as we know it."


"A white Corolla cut me off this morning, so I blew the m$@!#%^$#@! up!"

My Wife

"This cured my road rage forever. True fact."

My Dad

"Brake Checkers Beware!!!"

My Mom


Do you have any suggestions? I would probably like to hear them.

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